Shanara Armstrong is the owner and founder of Anna Grace Beauty. She wears multiple hats as a business owner, wife, mother and community leader. She developed a passion for skincare due to her own trials with skin conditions such as acne and named the business after her daughter Anna Grace. Last year, her skin took a turn for the worst and it affected her self esteem and confidence tremendously. After trying countless amount of products, nothing seemed to work. It was until then she realized she needed to formulate something of her own. She put in hours of research a day, just to come up with the perfect recipe for a miraculous recovery. After using Repair Glow Elixir for 12 days straight, her severe acne diminished completely. 
We, at Anna Grace Beauty, can assure you that our products are made to help you become a more transpired “you”. We want every individual to feel confident and powerful—in their true form. 
Anna Grace Beauty  aims to produce clean and healthy products with not only face, but body in mind. We exemplify what it means to be a pure, clean source of quality effective products, meeting the needs of every skin tone and type. 

*We also help boost self esteem and confidence in other women to help stimulate overall health, creativity and entrepreneurship.